Have You Had Your Business Inspected For Asbestos?

While most people will take the time to get their homes inspected for asbestos, a lot forget that most commercial buildings were made with the same materials and practices. In fact, many commercial properties get renovated far less frequently than homes do, so the chances of finding asbestos can be higher. This is especially true for buildings like warehouses, industrial manufacturing plants, and storage facilities which can lay dormant for decades without so much as a dusting. Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting your business inspected for asbestos to ensure that all your employees are safe.

Never Investigate On Your Own

If you have never actually inspected your commercial space that thoroughly then you may be now curious to find out if there is any asbestos in your insulation or attic space. Doing this not only puts yourself at risk, but any customers, clients or employees that are around could be at risk, as it does not take very much asbestos to cause lifelong harm. If you do want to know for sure whether or not you have asbestos, always call for a professional, never take matters into your own hands or you could be liable for the harm caused. 

Bonded Asbestos Can Eventually Become Dangerous

Bonded asbestos refers to the type of asbestos that is not loose, but rather used as an ingredient in another material. Bonded asbestos was found all over properties from the basement to the roof, and while it is not specifically dangerous to humans when in the bonded form, if it ever breaks or gets damaged the fibers will get in the air and become toxic. The older your building gets, the more chance of something breaking and the bonded asbestos being released from its current form. An asbestos inspection will find these hidden forms of asbestos that can be ticking timebombs.

Quick And Easy

For the peace of mind they provide, an asbestos inspection is a one-off service that you should consider extremely vital. It is quite cheap when you consider the medical implications of asbestos exposure, and taking all the samples should not take more than a few hours. Once the samples are taken you will have results back from a licensed laboratory and then you can either keep the negative results in your files, for when you want to sell the property, or you can begin the process of asbestos removal right away. 

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