Two tips for cafe owners who want outdoor blinds

Here are two tips for cafe owners who want outdoor blinds for their premises' external seating area.

They should check that the blinds are stain-resistant

When ordering outdoor blinds, cafe owners should ensure that they pick ones that are stain-resistant. The first reason for this is that the customers who eat or drink in the external seating area may pull down these blinds, to shield themselves from the bright sun, just after they have handled their sandwiches or cakes. Because of this, they may end up transferring things like jam or mayonnaise from their hands onto these blinds.

The second reason is that outdoor blinds are more likely to get stained than indoor ones, due to their external position. For example, if the cafe is on a busy street, then dogs whose owners are walking them in this area might jump on the rolled-down blinds and leave dirty paw prints on them. Likewise, passing vehicles that drive through puddles on this street might splatter puddle water onto the blinds.

If the blinds are stain-resistant, these things won't cause any lasting damage to them, as the food and dirt marks won't be absorbed by the blinds' fabric and so the cafe owner will be able to just wipe them off. If however, the outdoor blinds don't have this quality, they'll soon end up looking very unclean and unattractive.

They should choose light-coloured blinds

Even if a cafe owner's business brand colours are comprised of dark hues, they should still ensure that their outdoor blinds are light-coloured. The reason for this is that whilst customers who sit in the cafe's outdoor area might, on sunny days, want to roll down these blinds to reduce their chances of being sunburnt or to get the sun out of their eyes, they won't necessarily want to be shrouded in gloomy darkness. This is precisely what might happen if the cafe owner puts up, for example, navy-coloured outdoor blinds, as the seating area that is being covered by these blinds will then look very blue, gloomy and dark. This is not the type of ambience most people want when they're dining outside in a cafe on a bright, sunny day.

Conversely, if the cafe owner opts for white or ivory-coloured outdoor blinds, the external seating areas that these blinds shield when they're rolled down will not look half as gloomy as they would if the blinds were darker-coloured. Instead, these areas will simply be a bit more shadowy than the sections that aren't covered by the blinds.

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