How to choose the right model of wheelchair lift

Wheelchair lifts are an excellent way of elevating a wheelchair user between floors, or over a vertical barrier. However, it is obvious that you need to choose the right model of lift for your building. Here are some things to think about when choosing a lift.


One of the biggest things that will affect your choice of model is the amount of space you have to fit it in. Although lifts are often customisable and can be fitted to virtually any space, your floor and ceiling measurements will affect what can be installed. If you have low ceilings, the height limitation will have a large effect on what you can do, and the amount of floor space you have will also impact on the design. You will need to consider aspects such as how much space you need for the door to open and ensure that there is enough room for people to comfortably maneuver themselves in and out of the lift.


You will also want to consider which optional extras can be installed for the safety and comfort of the users. You may want an emergency telephone for if the lift gets stuck, an emergency backup battery in case of power failure, handrails and a non-slip flooring surface. You could also think about having a hand-held remote control to operate the unit and an automatic retractable ramp to allow for an easy exit. One of the main ways to choose the safety and comfort features is to think about the people who will be using the lift and what kinds of features they would want and find useful.


Although safety and practical considerations will be most important, you will also need to think about aesthetic considerations. You do not want a lift that doesn't fit with your home or workplace. A large lift could look too bulky if you install in a building with low ceilings, and you also want something that will fit in with the decor. Fortunately, wheelchair lifts are available in numerous styles and designs, and there are many ways of customising them and even building them to order, so you need not worry about the lift not fitting into your building's overall design.

Just talk to your installer about your requirements and preferences, and you will ensure that your lift is the best one for the people who will be using it.

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