How to Choose the Perfect Awnings to Complement Your Home

Are you considering installing awnings in your home? These home additions can dramatically enhance your outdoor spaces, making them enjoyable and comfortable throughout the year. Awnings offer shade on decks or patios, making outdoor entertainment or dining possible in any weather. Whether you need UV protection or want to spend rainy mornings enjoying a cup of coffee without getting wet, you should consider installing awnings.

If you've decided to install awnings, how do you choose the best ones? Well, here are four crucial considerations to help you make the right choice for your awnings:

The Material

When selecting the perfect awnings, always remember that different materials have different maintenance levels and looks. The common materials you'll find in most homes are aluminium and fabric. Unlike aluminium, fabrics feature various colours but require more maintenance. Aluminium, on the other hand, is sturdy but unfortunately doesn't allow more customisation when it comes to colour and design.

The Angle

Most people overlook the angle of an awning, but it's of exceptional importance. Generally, 45 degrees is the best angle for awnings. Make sure to take into account the sun's positioning, however.  

The Type

Do you need freestanding, stationary or retractable awnings? The retractable or roll-up awnings offer more control, meaning you can choose to gain maximum sunlight during cold seasons. These types are appropriate for decks and patios and give you the freedom to adjust as you wish. Besides, modern models feature automatic wind and sun sensors that save you the hassle of tinkering with them manually. 

In addition, you will also commonly find freestanding awnings on terraces and patios. They are effective at segmenting space, which is useful when designating specific areas. Many businesses, such as restaurants, use freestanding awnings because they double as marketing tools.

The Colour

A rule of thumb in selecting the best colour for your awnings is to envision what matches well with your home's overall look. How do they complement your home's interior? Therefore, picking complementary colours and styles helps you achieve a stunning flow between the interior and exterior spaces. Make sure to consider lighter colours for your awnings because they are good at reflecting excess sunlight and heat.

Final Thoughts 

After considering the four factors above, you will have an idea of what you'll need for your awnings. Now, it would be wise to seek out suppliers to get custom-made awnings that will perfectly match your requirements.

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