3 Top Facts About Water Filters

Yes, people love to eat out, but what people enjoy most is eating out at a restaurant that serves safe food and beverages. Unfortunately, some newbie restaurant owners forget to pay particular attention to the source of water or its safety until when it is too late. Notably, there are laws concerning water quality that restaurant owners must comply with. For this reason, you must install water filters in your restaurant's plumbing system to guarantee the safety of the water. However, before you embark on the project, here are a few facts about water filters.   

Water Filters Save Money 

If you plan to install water filters in your establishment, you will incur additional costs. However, the cost of ownership depends on the brand and the complexity of the filtration system you select. Therefore, your initial investment in the filtration system might be high, especially if you have to install several water filters. It explains why most restaurant owners shy away from installing water filters during the construction phase. However, the good news is that water filters contribute significantly towards cost-cutting. First, water filters eliminate the chances of guests suffering from water-related ailments that can lead to hefty fines and lawsuits. Second, you don't have to stock expensive bottled water since your clients can drink filtered tap water from your establishment.   

Water Filters Improve Water Taste 

Whether it is bottled water or tap water, it will taste flat if unfiltered. If the water you offer guests tastes like rubber, it would not matter if your food tastes heavenly — you will eventually lose your clientele. Water filters, on the other hand, do more than purify and filter water. Most importantly, the accessory also improves the taste of tapped water. It is all thanks to activated carbon filters that are found in commercial water filtration systems. For example, some water filtration systems use a coconut-based activated carbon filter, which significantly enhances the texture and taste of water. 

Water Filters Are Low Maintenance

Due to the critical role that water filtration systems play in the restaurant business, most restaurateurs believe that filters must be inspected weekly. While regular maintenance is key to ensuring water filters are in tip-top condition, commercial water filters are designed to last a fairly long time. However, the quality of water passing through the filters also determines how long the filters last. If you use high-quality water, you will rarely need to inspect and maintain the filters regularly.

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