Various Types of Switchgear

High voltage power equipment such as switchgear enable the control of circuits as well as the equipment. If not well-handled, power equipment may prove to be absolutely disastrous. Switchgear permits the turning on and off of electrical equipment. When there is a problem with the electrical system such as a short circuit, the switchgear isolates the affected part to prevent any damages. Switchgear comes in three different categories based on the voltage. There are low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage switchgears. This is a necessary power equipment that may be the difference between life and death. There are various types of switchgear and they include, Miniature Circuit Breaker, Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker and the Main Switch.

1. Miniature Circuit Breaker – This power equipment is designed to automatically connect and disconnect power in a normal and abnormal situation such as a short circuit. This one is smaller than the average circuit breaker and allows for the installation of two where only one would have fit. If it trips due to the interruption of power, it can be easily switched back on. It detects even the slightest change in voltage.

2. Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker – It is very important to ensure that shock is controlled when working with power equipment. Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker ensures that power is enough and is on safe levels especially when working around metallic objects. Electrical equipment breaks down every now and then and when someone touches them, current will flow through the person. This current may be just enough to kill someone and not trigger any fuses. This circuit breaker saves lives by detecting any leakage to earth and breaks the flow of electricity. This power equipment is very important when it comes to safety when dealing with power around the workstation.

3. Main Switch – This enables the limiting of power in a building. If an electrical fault occurs and the other breakers do not combat the current, the main switch automatically breaks the flowing current. The main switch performs this function as it transmits current the rest of the circuit breakers. Power gets to the main switch before other circuit breakers As a power equipment, it allows you to switch off electrical power in case of any fault before it gets to other circuits. Heavy current is fatal and needs to be controlled before it affects wiring, transformers and other power equipment.

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