3 Top Services Offered by a Fire Protection Contractor

Many things can influence the productivity of employees, and a safe working environment is one. The reason is that safety gives employees peace of mind allowing them to focus on achieving goals rather than when the next accident is going to happen. One way to guarantee safety in the workplace is to hire a fire protection contractor. These professionals understand everything about fire as a hazard, including prevention and management. However, you should ask what type of services a potential contractor offers before hiring them. This article provides a guide in this respect.

Safety Compliance Audit 

Commercial and public spaces have to meet safety standards set out by the government to be considered safe. Some of the standards include the count and location of fire extinguishers, the number of fire marshals and installation of fireproof doors, among others. Over time, fire safety standards change, and businesses must update their premises based on the changes. Additionally, government-appointed building surveyors often make impromptu visits to ascertain whether companies comply with current safety standards. A fire protection company will conduct an audit of your facility to determine whether you are compliant. If not, they will make recommendations so that you avoid hefty fines resulting from non-compliance.

Fire Equipment Installation 

Fire equipment can range from fire extinguishers, axes, smoke detectors and fire escape ladders, among others. Firefighting gear can only be useful if installed correctly and in the right places. However, it can be quite tricky for someone who knows very little about fire safety. For instance, installing fire extinguishers far away down the hall makes them inaccessible during a fire breakout. A fire protection contractor helps to ensure that all your fire equipment is installed correctly and in the right spots. It ensures that fire marshals can access the extinguishers with ease in case of a fire.

Fire Equipment Maintenance 

In most facilities, fire management equipment is only used during a fire breakout. However, that does not mean that you should neglect the critical pieces of equipment. The reason is that some fire equipment such a sprinkler and fire extinguishers can get clogged with debris and fail you when you need them. As such, proper maintenance of fire equipment is essential to ensure optimal performance when you need them. Fire protection contractors are qualified to examine all fire equipment during routine maintenance. Notably, most contractors will work with a client to schedule regular maintenance of fire equipment to prevent unnecessary disruptions.

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