4 Maintenance Issues in Shipping Containers

People who own shipping containers need to conduct periodic maintenance on the containers to prolong their service life. Below are various issues that should be addressed during the regular maintenance.


Shipping containers are manufactured from a special kind of steel that resists rust. However, conditions at the location where the shipping container is placed can create favourable conditions for rust to form. You should, therefore, inspect the container carefully and identify any rusted spots before the problem worsens. Sandblasting or buffing by hand can get rid of any surface rust. Prime and paint the affected area so that further rust formation is prevented.


Smells can develop when products spill onto the floor of the shipping container. Some of those odours may gradually disappear without any special steps being taken to combat them. However, some odours can linger stubbornly. Opening up the shipping container can allow air to clear such odours. You can also consider placing coffee grounds within the container so that those grounds absorb the odours. If that fails, buy specialty products that are designed to get rid of any stubborn odours from shipping containers. You do not have to worry about where to get these items, since homecare stores often have these products.


Condensation can cause serious problems in shipping containers without any form of climate control. Such moisture can trigger rust formation in addition to encouraging the growth of mould and mildew. The first step to prevent such problems is opening up the container so that it can dry. Desiccant dryers can also be placed within the container if they are safe to use around the specific products that you store or ship in that shipping container. Ventilation can also help if insulation is a very costly option that you aren't prepared to install just yet.

Door Issues

The doors of your shipping container can also develop several problems, such as difficulty in opening due to lack of lubrication. Door hardware can also loosen. Your maintenance schedule should include checking those doors and performing the needed repairs or adjustments to ensure that the doors operate easily and seal the opening of your container.

Talk to shipping container suppliers about the specific steps that you can take to prevent the maintenance issues above from arising. Implement their suggestions so that you can reduce how much you spend on maintaining the pristine condition of your shipping container without skimping on any needed repairs.

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People who own shipping containers need to conduct periodic maintenance on the containers to prolong their service life. Below are various issues that