Best soil for planter boxes

If you have a small yard or poor soil quality, using planter boxes can be a great way to plant some seedlings and have a garden that works for you all year round. Planter boxes can be efficient as herb or vegetable gardens in small yards and they also help create beautiful yards with floral arrangements and flowering plants in small paved courtyards and balconies. 

Here are some tips on the best type of soil for a planter box. 

Well-draining soil

As planter boxes have a limited amount of soil and relatively high plant density, it is very important to have a well-draining soil. If you have enough room, it can be a good idea to have a plate underneath the box to catch any water that comes through the drainage holes. A soil that is too compact may fall through these holes, pack into the holes or allow water to build in the bottom of the box. Excess water retention can lead to the plants suffering and can even lead to mould and rotting in the root system. 

Nutrient rich mix

As planter boxes usually aim to fit quite a few plants into a small amount of soil, it is important to choose a rich mixture full of nutrients. It is a good idea to choose a mix that includes some compost and/or manure to ensure the soil is as rich as possible. 


If you are placing a planter box onto a balcony, you may want to be able to move them throughout the day to catch the light. For that reason it is important to choose a relatively lightweight soil so that the planter is easy to handle. This also make it much easier to turn the soil between planting times in order to aerate the soil, which makes the soil much more productive.  

If you are looking to fill some planter boxes to create a small floral or productive garden, then it can be a great idea to chat to a soil supplier. They can look at the planter boxes that you are looking to use, as well as the location of your planter box and type of plants, in order to give your specific advice on the best type of soil mix for your project. This will maximise the chances of the plant in your planter box surviving and thriving. 

Contact a supplier like Freds Lagoon Hardware to learn about your soil options.

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