5 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Using Portable Traffic Lights Near Your Construction Site

Portable traffic lights can be essential if you are doing construction work and you need to redirect traffic or get cars to stop as they approach your work zone. When using these lights, it's essential to exercise some safety. Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

1. Position Lights an Ample Distance From the Work

To ensure that cars stop before they reach the area where the work is being done, position the portable traffic light an ample distance in front of the work. You may want to invest in multiple lights so that you can put up a caution or slow light before drivers reach the main light.

2. Combine Extra Signage With the Portable Light

Remember drivers often drive the same routes repeatedly, and they may go into automatic mode. As a result, they may not notice unexpected traffic lights. You may want to combine the lights with signage to increase awareness.

For instance, you may want a sign that says "traffic light ahead" several metres in front of your portable traffic light. Alternatively, you may want signs that outline specific laws. In particular, that's important if the situation is an aberration from regular laws. For example, if penalties are increased for failure to respond to the light in a construction zone, you may want a sign that highlights that fact.

3. Anchor the Portable Traffic Light to the Ground

You need to make sure that the traffic light can't migrate into the road. You don't want it buffeted by the wind, moved by vandals or otherwise shifted into the wrong spot. To ensure that doesn't happen, make sure that the portable light is anchored to the ground.

In some cases, a heavy base may work fine, but in other cases, you may want to use tethers or spikes that go into the ground to hold the portable light in place.

4. Opt for Overhanging Lights

Some portable traffic lights are just a straight pole up and a set of three lights. Unfortunately, that is not always that visible. To improve visibility, you may want a traffic light that consists of a pole as well as an arm that extends vertically over the road, perpendicular to the pole.

5. Make Sure You Have Consistent Power

Finally, to be effective, your portable traffic lights need power. You may want a battery pack, a generator or other options. Ultimately, it doesn't matter how you power the lights. You just need to ensure that they always have power.

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